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I was rereading/relistening to some Lovecraft this week and I've forgotten how much I LOVE The Colour Out of Space. It's got that sort of vague rural horror that I really enjoy (in a similar sort of vein as When the Wind Blows). Plus I've always had a mild fear of wells so that bit was extra deliciously creepy.
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Nothing irrevocable had yet been spoken, but there was only the barest margin of safety left them; each of them moving delicately along the outskirts of an open question, and, once spoke, such a question--as "Do you love me?" --could never be answered or forgotten.

I read The Haunting of Hill House (by Shirley Jackson) this week and it was such a dreamy and beautiful story, I loved it so much. I was surprised at how quickly the characters grew on me and I really dug the weird sort of undefined horror throughout. :)
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I was listening to Poe's Haunted album for like the millionth time and finally decided to read House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski). Got through the introduction today:

Old shelters-- television, magazines, movies-- won't protect you anymore. You might try scribbling in a journal, on a napkin, maybe even in the margins of this book. That's when you'll discover you no longer trust the very walls you always took for granted. Even the hallways you've walked a hundred times will feel longer, much longer, and the shadows, any shadow at all, will suddenly seem much deeper, much, much, deeper.

Very spooky start lmao. I like.
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He seemed not to hear. "You turned... you looked at me... and I think you tried to smile. There were colors all around you, but your eyes were dead, like all the rest. And your mouth was full of poison.

I finished Revival by Stephen King, this morning, and I loved it a lot. I always love stories that deal with religion (and believing/unbelieving in God) and the clergy (because there's a lot of them in my family) and this one was just great. It's a nice long meandering tale towards a pretty horrible climax/ending and the focus on family was lovely too. I was also extra into it because I had been rewatching Gravity Falls recently and things like dimensional travel/exploration creep me out a lot so all the weirdness revealed really kind of scared me lmao. But in a great way. ♥
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List ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you.

1. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
2. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (especially The Gunslinger, The Wastelands, and The Dark Tower)
3. The Finishing Stroke by Ellery Queen
4. Sabriel by Garth Nix
5. Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut
6. The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov
7. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
8. Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle
9. Desperation by Stephen King
10. Calamity Town by Ellery Queen
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I started listening to the World War Z audiobook this week. It's an abridged reading but with a lovely full cast and it's twelve hours long so not too bad. Other than Steve Park's uh interesting Chinese accent, it's been really excellent so far. The cast makes me really happy and the story is once again creeping me out a lot. ♥

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I read Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing Of The Dog (both by Connie Willis) last week. DB broke my heart in a bunch of pieces and TSNotD made me laugh so much so it pretty much evened out. Both were excellent. ♥♥♥

I reread Steel Ball Run also because [personal profile] stopongreen's been reading it and we've been screaming about it at each other on LINE for a while and god I forgot how emotional the story is. And I ended up actually like full on weeping at my desk through the last part, even though it was a reread.

But these two make me so happy, tears or not. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Finished Blackout/All Clear (by Connie Willis) last night, after lmao feverishly reading for a couple of nights straight (oh god so much lost sleep). I loved it so much. Like everything about it. Aaaaaaah thank you [ profile] rabiya_al_basri for the recommendation!

The only complaint I would probably make, if I was being completely objective, is that it's a bit ramble-y but I REALLY love authors I enjoy going on and on so it wasn't a problem for me. Actually more of a plus. ♥♥♥

(I read it on my phone and then immediately bought two paperback copies, after finishing, because I loved it so much and also because I know my mother would adore reading it and she is not really a digital book person lmao)

And I'm going to start Doomsday Book tonight wheeee.

I played Papers, Please, which is a kind of nervewracking experience of playing as a an immigration inspector at a border checkpoint for a terrifying fictional nation. Better description here. It's got an interesting story, to say the least. Creepy stuff. ♥♥♥


Feb. 8th, 2013 12:13 pm
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I read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Cristie) on [ profile] rabiya_al_basri's recommendation (♥♥♥) last night. Aaah I haven't read Agatha Cristie in years (and I haven't read enough of her books as I'd like either) it was so good. And the ending was fabulous. spoilers for the ending )


Jan. 18th, 2013 09:22 pm
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The Carver house (it is, perhaps ironically, a ranch-style home) is now entirely blocked off by Power Wagons. From the firing pit of Dream Floater, Laura DeMott trains her shotgun on the smashed picture window; from the firing pit of Tracker Arrow, Hoss Cartwright and a very young Clint Eastwood-- he is Rowdy Yates of Rawhide in this incarnation, as a matter of fact-- have also got the house covered. Jeb Murdock stands in the Doom Turret of the Meatwagon with two shotguns, each sawed off four inches above the cocked triggers, the butts propped against the wishbones of his hips. He is grinning widely, his face that of Rory Calhoun in his prime.

I finished The Regulators (Stephen King) last week and...generally liked it. I adored Desperation but didn't really get too emotionally invested in this one, I actually liked The Tommyknockers a lot better despite that creeping me out way too much. It was an interesting story though and an exciting read so it's fine overall. I was really amused at the mention of Rowdy though lmao. ♥♥♥
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"God, I get tired of you guys and your simpering! There you were tonight, reading your incoherent poems into a microphone that runs on electricity, having your braying voice amplified by speakers that run on electricity, using electric lights to see by... where do you Luddites think that power comes from? The Wizard of Oz? Jesus!"

So I stayed up all night, until like 6:30AM, reading The Tommyknockers (Stephen King) AND FINISHED IT. I'M DONE. I didn't mean to really do that, but it got kind of engrossing. I liked it a lot, but it's not one of my favorites of his. Alien invasion horror has always creeped me out way too much for me to really enjoy it the way I can have fun being scared by other horror themes like ghosts, murderers, insanity and monsters. There's probably some childhood root to that.
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I've had Stephen King's The Tommyknockers sitting on my nightstand for like two weeks now and I'm like a chapter into it. Reading Desperation (and completely loving it) made me want to read The Regulators (since the two of them go together) BUT I'M AN IDIOT WHO COMPLETELY FORGOT THE TITLE WHEN REQUESTING IT FROM THE LIBRARY AND ENDED UP WITH THE TOMMYKNOCKERS INSTEAD. GODDAMMIT STEPHEN KING I CAN'T KEEP THESE VAGUE BOOK TITLES STRAIGHT.


Anyway, I'm going to read it. SOON. I WILL.

These adorable New Years Fate/Zero illustrations from Comiket 83 WARM MY HEART AWWWW. EVERYONE LOOKS SO CUTE. AND ALIVE.

And I'm totally excited about the Gintama anime finally getting around to the Courtesan of a Nation arc! SERIOUS STORYLINE! PLOT-IMPORTANT STORYLINE! I honestly thought it would take a lot longer to get to it BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING. I'M VERY HAPPY.

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Jul. 7th, 2012 01:15 am
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"Your mother doesn't know anything about this."

"I won't tell her."

"Don't say that," his father told him sharply. "Don't start down that road or you'll never stop."

"But you said you never--"

"No, I never told her," his father said, finding the jacket at last and shrugging into it. "She never asked and I never told her. If she never asks you, you never have to tell her. That sound like a bullshit qualification to you?"

"Yeah," Kevin said. "To tell the truth, it does."

"Okay," Mr. Delevan said. "Okay... but that's the way we do it. If the subject ever comes up, you--we--have to tell. If it doesn't, we don't. That's just the way we do things in the grown-up world. It sounds fucked up, I guess, and sometimes it is fucked up, but that's how we do it. Can you live with that?"

"Yes. I guess so."

Read Four Past Midnight (Stephen King), a collection of four novellas. Which I was corrected about because I told my (librarian) sister that they were four short stories and she was all "NO A 300 PAGE STORY IS NO SHORT STORY, IT IS A NOVELLA."

The Langoliers was a lot of adventurous fun (airplanes! craziness!), I couldn't really enjoy Secret Window, Secret Garden (slow insanity!), got really emotionally moved and a bit freaked out by The Library Policeman (I have too many half-forgotten memories of being in really old, dark and creepy libraries during the two years I lived in Tennessee when I was six/seven) and I adored The Sun Dog (I have such a soft spot for good parent/child relationships ♥). All in all, a pretty fun read.

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Jul. 1st, 2012 11:51 pm
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Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature. I don't blame anyone for not believing. I don't claim to be any smarter or better than them. I guess what it really comes down to is the randomness of birth. I happened to be born into a group of people who live in constant fear of extinction. It's part of our identity, part of our mind-set, and it has taught us through horrific trial and error to always be on our guard.

I stayed up all night reading Max Brook's World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Loved it a a lot and I especially enjoyed how the book was set up: with short personal accounts painting the larger picture and also how fragmented it made things. Filling in the blanks was a whole lot of morbid fun.


I've also miraculously stayed totally spoiler-free about the game for all these years AND I'M GOING TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING.
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L.A. Confidential is such a perfect movie, I love everything about it so fucking much. And I can't believe I've never read the book before. I'm pretty sure I've read some James Ellroy stuff but it was probably when I was in middle school or elementary. Since I don't remember a damned thing, I stopped by the public library (IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ICE CREAM RUN YUM YUM YUM) and took everything that was on the shelves at the moment: Suicide Hill, The Cold Six Thousand, The Big Nowhere, L.A. Noir, and Hollywood Nocturnes. LET'S SEE IF I CAN DIG UP SOME MEMORIES, BRAIN. 8D

Oh and I finally watched Hot Fuzz. It's adorable and hilarious and fun to slash and I really really enjoyed it a lot.
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He could see Mr. Gaunt looking at him with interest and amusement, and Mr. Gaunt's eyes suddenly seemed to grow to the size of tea-saucers. Yet this feeling of disorientation was not frightening; it was rather exciting, and certainly more pleasant than the slick feel of the wood had been to his exploring finger.

"Close your eyes!" Mr. Gaunt invited. "Close your eyes, Brian, and tell me what you feel!"

I read Needful Things (Stephen King) a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it. It gave me the same sort of vibe that Something Wicked This Way Comes has (especially with comparing Leland Gaunt to Mr. Dark eheheheheeeheeheeee) and a small town violently tearing itself apart is always fun to read about. 8D

Ugh I've been chewing so much gum lately that my jaw hurts. I need to like pick up a smoking habit or something less painful gheguehguegh.


May. 1st, 2012 12:46 am
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I could see him fall into the tale, and that pleased me-- it was like hypnotizing him again, but in a better way. A more honest way. The best part, though, was hearing my mother's voice. It was like having her again, coming out from far inside me. It hurt, of course, but more often than not the best things do, I've found. You wouldn't think it would be so, but-- as the oldtimers used to say-- the world's tilted, and there's an end to it.
--The Wind Through the Keyhole (Stephen King)

Lmao I just finished this and loved it to pieces. It fits wonderfully between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla (and does a nice job wrapping up Wizard and Glass in particular) and I was smiling at the ending (which is always great) and the fairy tale in it (a story within another story) was lovely and aaaaaaah it was so damned fucking good. ♥♥♥♥
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Oh God I just noticed that The Wind Through the Keyhole came out already. Oh God I immediately ordered it and it should be here by next Tuesday. Oh God. How did I forget.

But I guess it's for the best since I would have ignored a day or two of school to read it and now I'll only get it right after my last presentation of the semester SO THAT'S GOOD.
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Preordered A Confusion of Princes (by Garth Nix) because I am mostly easy for Garth Nix. Also sci-fi. Dramatic sci-fi:
These are the three deaths of Prince Khemri. Told in his own words, we follow him as he trains to become a Prince of the Empire, an enhanced human being, equipped with biological and technological improvements that make him faster, stronger and smarter than any ordinary person. Not to mention the ultimate benefit: should he die, and be deemed worthy, he will be reborn…

Which is just as well, because no sooner has Prince Khemri graduated to full Princehood than he learns the terrible truth behind the Empire: there are ten million princes, and all of them want each other dead, because there can only be one Emperor…


Also vanilla ice cream + thin mints + sprinkles = something great:
a cup of ice cream


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