Sep. 19th, 2015

velshtein: Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender (FORD charm)
He seemed not to hear. "You turned... you looked at me... and I think you tried to smile. There were colors all around you, but your eyes were dead, like all the rest. And your mouth was full of poison.

I finished Revival by Stephen King, this morning, and I loved it a lot. I always love stories that deal with religion (and believing/unbelieving in God) and the clergy (because there's a lot of them in my family) and this one was just great. It's a nice long meandering tale towards a pretty horrible climax/ending and the focus on family was lovely too. I was also extra into it because I had been rewatching Gravity Falls recently and things like dimensional travel/exploration creep me out a lot so all the weirdness revealed really kind of scared me lmao. But in a great way. ♥


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