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Got my tax return last week. I put away most of it in savings because I need a new car by the end of the year AND THEN I FINALLY GOT A PS4 WITH THE REST. I got a few games to start with: Final Fantasy Type 0 (which I played last year on an XBOXOne, but I really liked it SO AGAIN!!), Persona 5 (I like it so far), Tales of Berseria (I REALLY like this so far, Velvet is an adorable MC), and Odin Sphere (really pretty, really great).

I'm planning on getting Bloodborne next and then we're see where we go from there. :D
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I started playing Chrono Trigger for the first time! Well not exactly the first time since I started playing, on the recommendation of a friend in highschool (or middle school, idk it's been a long time) and I got like five minutes in and was like this looks interesting and then never played again.

But this time I'm doing well and it's so pretty and I love the story and it's really cute and funny eeeee.
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Undertale is such a strange and delightful little game lmao. I'm trying to do a full pacifist route. We'll see if I lose patience with that decision before the end.
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I read Penpal (the original postings) for the first time today and it's made me hilariously paranoid. God.

I've been playing Gemini Rue (on my phone) and I love it. ♥

Finished [personal profile] stopongreen's and my little Brosnan/Craig Bond marathon lmao:
Die Another Day: Lmao this was fun. It was lovely to see Rosamund Pike again and Halle Berry's character was hilarious. The villain in this one was also really fun to watch.
Casino Royale: GOD I'D FORGOTTEN HOW SAD THIS WAS. But I love it. Vesper is wonderful and I adore James/Vesper so so so much.
Quantum of Solace: STILL SAD. I do love that this dealt with the emotional fallout after the end of Casino.
Skyfall: UGH ALSO SAD. I love M so much. The new Q is adorable. Silva makes my heart hurt.

Other things I've seen recently:
300: Rise of Empire: I adored 300 and I loved this one even more. Eva Green's character was amazingly fun to watch. The overdramatic naval battles were great. And I always enjoy watching buff half naked men brutally murder each other.
Grand Piano: A good thriller. Elijah Wood plays a pianist who is terrorized during a concert to play perfectly by a sniper. Great music.
Attack the Block: A fun monster thriller featuring some adorable teenagers. The soundtrack is amazing.
This Is the End: One of those rare movies that I absolutely hated and yet kept watching. I still hated it by the end.

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first look at Matt Ryan all dressed up as John for the upcoming Constantine pilot )
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I started listening to the World War Z audiobook this week. It's an abridged reading but with a lovely full cast and it's twelve hours long so not too bad. Other than Steve Park's uh interesting Chinese accent, it's been really excellent so far. The cast makes me really happy and the story is once again creeping me out a lot. ♥



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