velshtein: Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender (LELOUCH weep)
Code Geass: Akito the Exiled episode 5:

OH MY GOD. I can't even mention what happened to Akito and friends because JESUS CHRIST LELOUCH AND SUZAKU SLAYING MY HEART AGAIN. cut for spoilers from the main series )


Feb. 21st, 2013 05:45 pm
velshtein: Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender (SUZAKU the incorrect path)
The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke reminds me a lot of Code Geass in a lot of little things, nothing too major, but it was enough to finally make me rewatch CG. Lmao I watched the whole thing back when it was airing (and liked it a lot) and then never rewatched it, probably because I was in no way part of the fandom (I'm pretty sure they struck me as batshit insane at the time) BUT I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY OF IT SINCE IT AIRED AND AAAAAH THE REWATCH WAS SO MUCH FUN. I'd forgotten how entertaining the whole thing was and how much I loved Suzaku and how much the ending made me cry godammit. ♥♥♥

Anyways, that was enjoyable.

It looks like The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke is getting more music lmao and this time the manga artist of the original series (Takashi Shiina) drew the cover eeeeee:

I'm always happy to see Andy in his style (since he's an anime-only character along with Yuugiri) awwwww. ♥♥♥

psycho-pass episode 18 )


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