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the synchronicity highway ([personal profile] velshtein) wrote2016-01-04 10:20 pm


I finished listening to Underwood and Flinch last week and I loved it to pieces. It's a fantastic little vampire story, with fantastic characters, and voices, and the ending fucking killed me. Even if Underwood didn't actually commit suicide at the end, it's such a fantastic ending. The revelation that Mathias DIDN'T actually commit his entire line of children to Underwood was such a shock to me but not too much in a way. I never even thought about that idea until partway through Underwood telling David his life story, and realized that Mathias was actually a really good person at heart. Which didn't match up to what my image of him had been (someone who would bargain his children/line to a friend as servants). The idea of him being someone like Arthur or Lydia (weird and fanatical) would make sense for that but god the reveal that Underwood took his children instead was such a lovely shock. Which makes me love the suicide ending SO much because I adore David and think he's easy to really like once you get to know him because he's one of those charming weirdly honest people and I totally get why Underwood would feel remorse over what he did and would be ok with setting David free. UGH SO GOOD. But it was such a SAD ending that I don't want to start the sequel just yet. I'll get into some other books or something and then get back to it.

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