velshtein: Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender (TINKER BELL keyhole)
the synchronicity highway ([personal profile] velshtein) wrote2015-12-11 04:03 pm

great fiction

I finally read Worm, on [ profile] rabiya_al_basri's recommendation, and IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD HOLY SHIT. Like just a fantastic story from start to finish. I loved everything about it: the characters were all interesting in their own ways, the story was AMAZING (especially the final part of the story), the action scenes were literally the best that I've read in any novel, and the ending made me really happy. Good stuff.

Since I enjoyed that so much, I started reading Pact, by the same author, and I have to admit my spooky/magic loving ass is REALLY enjoying it so far.

I finished listening to season one of The Black Tapes Podcast, on [personal profile] peachpai's recommendation, today and I really enjoyed that too. Gonna start Tanis next.

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